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Dafoe Electric Data & Communications in Toronto

Dafoe Electric has been one of Toronto’s leading electrical contracting providers for a number of years. We take great pride in the reliable, steadfast and efficient reputation we have earned ourselves. Thanks to our highly skilled staff, loyal clientele and exceptional work ethic; our company is consistently developing new skills and techniques.

Offering a great deal of knowledge, experience and dedication when it comes to installing your data and communications unit.

Qualified Team

We make it a priority to evolve with the times by keeping up with emerging trends and encouraging our team to implement and learn new methods. As your Electric Data and Communication installers, it is our job to know which networks suit your building, budget or industry best. If you're looking for qualified electricians and contractors to install or update communications software in your workplace then you have come to the right place!

Full Service Electrical Contractor

As full service electrical providers, we are able to help you with all installation communication and data processes. This includes choosing the appropriate device and:

  • Re-wiring
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Systems and networks
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Inspections
  • And more

In fact, we cover just about everything!

Commercial Data and Communications Services

When it comes to your Toronto business, you want to be on the cutting edge and in the know in terms of the latest industry and technology trends. Dafoe Electric is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to finding the most efficient data and communication programs on the market. We'll make sure you get the most reliable brand of the highest value, at an affordable rate. We always choose quality products and software, so you can get the most for your dollar. State-of-the-art products speak for themselves, but, having a professional installer ensures the functionality.

Qualified Installation Team

Dafoe Electric takes customer care very seriously, that is why we always have an ideal strategy in place when it comes to installing new electrical devices in your Toronto workplace. We always plan ahead for possible complications and have solutions to potential issues. In other words, when you hire us you can expect more than satisfactory outcomes, our goal is to exceed your expectations with our diligent and efficient work and impeccable results!

Shaping Electrical Design for the better

We have competitive rates and flexible schedules, and will work within your budget. In today's society, new communication and data technologies are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the fast paced world of invention. How do you know which systems work or not, and whether the machinery is worth the cost. Luckily, we make it a priority to test out new merchandise, methods and fads so you don't have to. We know what products are worth the extra buck and which ones should be tossed.

Insured and Bonded

Whether you're looking to install an intercom system in the office or a digital antenna for your living room, Dafoe Electric has the team and experience to get the job done properly. Fully insured and bonded, we're the company for you! For inquiries give us a call today!